Why we like cycling/biking so much?

Sometimes it feels like there is a primal instinct that is satisfied from cycling. Or maybe it’s just a connection to that instinct. It’s the challenge, the exertion, the risk, pushing oneself out of the comfort zone in a physical way. Stirring and satisfying ones sense of adventure at the same time.

Cycling is appealing because:

  1. it offers the joy of riding something that moves (e.g. horse, car, wave/surfboard, wind/glider, rollercoaster, your uncle’s back)
  2. your riding is more under your control than other ride-able objects, thanks to brakes and how much you work to propel it for speed
  3. it connects your senses to the outside world much more directly
  4. it is an economical form of transportation
  5. it allows you more freedom to roam, not needing to stay between any lines, able to explore the less beaten paths
  6. it allows you to travel areas that are more suited to foot traffic, but allows you to go faster, further, and haul more cargo than on foot
  7. it allows you more freedom to play, jumping and turning and going up and down hills for no reason other than because it’s fun
  8. it is engaging, as it takes a certain amount of focus to ride
  9. it has extreme depth in skill progress, from just learning to balance, pedal, steer, and use the brakes and gears, to showing off your style while riding extremely rugged terrain such as in the Red Bull Rampage
  10. there isn’t much required to get started—just a little practice to understand how to balance on the bike, and being able to reach the pedals, grips, and controls
  11. there’s opportunity to ride a bike worldwide, though you might have to buy a bike that is most suited to your local terrain, whether it be a pedal-able watercraft or a “fat bike” for snow/sand
  12. it has enough depth to be your sole year-round primary lifelong hobby
  13. it’s associated with a myriad of health benefits, including mental health
  14. it’s seen as a green/ecological-conscious and safe choice in vehicle

To summarize why I personally like cycling/biking so much; I find it rehumanizing in a world that is sometimes dehumanizing.

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